How to get my 94 year old dad to move closer?


He lives 70 miles away and is still living alone. I could help him better if he moved to my town. He doesn't need senior living at this point but he does need help. Suggestions please?

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Ghostrider, would your Dad allow professional caregivers to come in to help him? Would he be able to budget for that? They can be expensive.

Another idea is for him to move to Independent Living in his home town where the facility usually allows dogs, depending on the dog size and temperament. Such places usually cost around $5k per month. Would Dad have enough equity in his house where he could live at Independent Living for a few years?

I can fully understand why some elders refuse to move away from their home, especially to another town/city. Everything is different. They would have to learn their way around which wouldn't be easy. Finding new doctors, new dentist, and new barber. And with the dog, a new Vet. Then watching the nightly news, nothing sounds familiar, same with the new local newspaper. Elders like to be in a familiar comfortable routine. And the tough part, making new friends.
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Thanks for the input. My dad doesn't want to leave his home but he really isn't capable of taking care of himself. He is worried about his dog. I will consult with a doctor and see what my options are.
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Dear Ghostrider,

It is hard to convince the elderly to live their homes and to move closer to children. Maybe consider having a doctor, social worker or family friend present while talking to him about why you would like him to move and see how it goes.
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For what issues are you requesting suggestions?

How to move your dad? How to convince him? Or ?
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