I am involved third party helping an elderly lady. She currently lives alone and has no close relatives. She is still of sharp mind but hard of hearing and macular degeneration in the eyes. She also has no money. Her POA and I are wondering what are the first steps in getting prepared to move her to a NH. This will be when she can no longer live alone. Especially if she doesn’t go to the hospital first. We have applied for Medicaid but she did not qualify.

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You have to find out what the cap is for Medicaid. Lets say 2k and she makes 2100 with SS and any pension she gets. Some states have a Miller Trust that allows the overage to be placed in it and Medicaid gets that when the person dies. Does she have any stocks, bonds, IRAs etc. This is money that can be liquidated. She can prepay her funeral. Money can be set aside for everything to do with a funeral, stone, flowers, luncheon, etc. The Funeral home will be able to advice you. Depending where she lives, this could be a nice chunk of her money.

You can appeal Medicaid findings. I would suggest a lawyer versed in Medicaid. Usually you don't pay for the initial consult.
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I’d find out clearly what Medicaid program she applied to and then why she was not eligible. Like was it denied due to not being financially “at need” or medically “at need”.

To me, that’s the key as to what the next steps need to be.

I’m guessing she lives in her home? FreqFlyer is on track that if she has a home, she needs to look to sell it to pay for her care.
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Blwalker105, if the elderly lady doesn't qualify for Medicaid it probably means she is above the income savings limit. You mentioned she has no money. By chance is that what elderly lady said? Many elders are not forthcoming when it comes to finances, my parents were that way.

Sadly, one has to wait until there is a medical emergency until that person can be placed in a Medicaid funded nursing home. If by chance this lady does have financial resources, such as owning her home, she could use the equity by selling her home, and move into a senior living facility.
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