We’re in Beaver County PA. My mother is recovering (well) from hip surgery but even prior to that my 4 brothers and I occasionally had concerns on her living alone. We want and experienced expert to do an assessment of her ability to function independently.

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Agency on Aging is a good suggestion.

If mom is in rehab, the occupational therapist will visit the home prior to her release to make an assessment of changes needed to make the living area safe for her. Ask for their help
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Llook on your local hospital's website. There should be a link to find a doctor. Search the specialty area for a neuropsychiatric or geriatric care
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Is your mom in the hospital, or in rehab?

If she is in rehab, I'd talk to her Physical and Occupational therapists about evaluating her ability to take care of herself at home, alone.

For a thorough cognitive assessment, you should call your nearest university-affiliated hospital and determine if they have a team that does a neurocognitive assessment; my mom's team consisted of a neurologist, a psychologist and a psychiatric nurse.

You can also contact the local Area Agency on Aging
and ask for a comprehensive needs assessment. This is a link to the University of Pittsburgh's Geriatrics department. It looks like another good resource.
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