So my Mom lived in Texas (older daughter lives in TX) and my dad passed away 1 year and 3 months ago. I live in Alabama. Older daughter told mom she is getting hard for her to drive so my mom gave her, her car ( believe she was intimidated by her). I say that because she sold mom's home $100,000 undervalue for $80,000. They bought it for $85,000 and was worth 180,000, after my dad was done with all the improvements. Then move mom to Kansas to be with her older sister and niece. Older daughter kept all if dads death certificates and all her paper work. I have marriage license and birth certificates, I never trusted her. Her husband put himself on mom's checking account. Which niece closed out that account fast, but not fast enough. Anyway now she has the car and renewed it in Texas online in mom's name and dad's still on it. It's paid off but the title wasn't released to my parents an oversight. Mom can't remember you the loan was with. How can we get dad and mom's name off it? I also told her niece, (my cousin) to make out a statement that she is not responsible for anything that may happen with the car. To get it notarized while we are both working and figuring out this situation. I'm at a blockage in what to do. I'm in Alabama, mom's in Kansas and her car is registered and in Texas. Help!!!
Also, can I get power of attorney to protect mom from any more trouble from the older daughter?

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Sounds like the car was stolen from her. Filing a police report would take care of the title problem. But it may cause more family problems than it's worth ;-)
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Could this be that moms notary needs an acknowledgement cover on document? States vary in the verbiage on paperwork for car transfers. It like has to read exactly whatever TX DMV needs to have for title change. Look at whatever TX DMV sends you. It could be self explanatory

If not then, I'd suggest you call around to find a notary used to doing out of state work. There are oodles of notaries. A lot just do routine items, which won't do. Often court reporters are also notaries that do depositions for bigger "white shoe" type of law firms & will do speciality notary forms. Good luck & let us know what happens with Sissy.....
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Thank you for your help. My cousin called the "special situations" and got all the paperwork. One problem is one has to be noterized in Texas and they could not tell us how we would accomplish that problem. I believe its the Air something. Any suggestions? You are right this is a nightmare.
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This is a rain of hades for Texas DMV to do. And they will. TX DMV is very VERY proactive in requiring timely & correctly done vehicle transfers. Like there should have been a VTR 262 done and probably both a form 130-V & a 14-317 done and submitted to the state.

It's a ? for "special situations" staffer @ DMV. 888-368-4689. Personally I'd send an short but succinct email to DMV with the information as you know it & that your concern is all about liability for your frail elderly mom who is a KS resident. DMV will email & call you back to clarify things then they will deal with it. & for even more fun.... will CC tax assessor as I'd bet the tax bill is in moms name which is big issue as she is not TX resident. Assessor can place fines too.

Btw false statements to DMV have fines under TX tax code 152.101. TX can place a lien on the real property (the car) to get the fine paid too.
I'd let state do their stuff with Sissy & her family..... then make yourself a mint julep or pour a Lazy Magnolia southern pecan and watch Sissy panic. 

My experience with DMV & assessor was with my moms car. Mom did what was needed as she gifted her old car to worthless nephew & sent all paperwork with a bow on it via certified mail to state. But worthless did not register his ownership, driving it w/o plates, car lost / stolen, in an accident. Real clusterF. When mom got a letter from accident atty, I sent a response as to not hers & CC'd DMV. DMV sent paperwork hell to worthless. Ditto by assessor too but about 8 mos later. Really both DMV & assessor will get on this. You / mom do want a scan of title transfer for moms records.
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