Is that CASH ONLY withdrawals - or is it for ANYTHING 500 & over spent?

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If any of the checks were written to an individual for work done attach a receipt or invoice.

My mom had an inquiry on checks written to the guy who did auto repair. Legit biz & been there forever but mom as she knew the owner wrote checks to his name & not smittys auto repair. You want to provide as much as possible in the initial submission so it can be reviewed & processed the first time. My moms initial submission was over 100 pages. (yes, truly but Mainly due to her very old life insurance policy that alone was close to 30 pages.) What seems to happen if there's something questionable is that application gets suspended by local caseworker, letter of inquiry goes out with a very tight submission back time frame & if not received then mom is declined & you have to do an appeal (& again within a very tight time frame).

Also all the stuff your gathering, keep it in a binder and add into it for future use. My mom had a annual recertification which required submitting many of the items again. I had no idea this happened& hand stuff in storage. Recertification had 4 mos of bank statements too. And all recert items (questionnaire & supporting documentation) had a 14 day submission deadline.....
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A withdrawal covers cash, checks, and debit card transactions. They are asking you to explain all expenditures over $500. If the money was used to pay a credit card, you may need to explain what was purchased on the credit card to prove that it was for the benefit of the Medicaid applicant.
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