I am a single 45 year old woman who is caring for her Mentally Ill aunt (My moms sister) that nobody in the family will care for any longer because they can not handle her, with her Bipolar or schizophrenia illnesses anymore..she runs everyone off w/ her outbursts and/or "episodes" that she has periodically..All was 'okay' ,but, Since she has broken her hip. EVERYTHING seems to be going DOWNHILL, She is in financial RUIN , there is NO HELP for her because she owns a house and the county will TAKE it from her , I cant even have her checked into a mental hospital because I do not have LEGAL rights to do this...and for her PROPER care I feel that it MIGHT have to come to that :(
I am NOT a nurse, nor do I have any past experienced as a healthcare professional .I just love her and want to HELP. As much as humanly possible because... even her own SON wont help her anymore!!! :(:(:( OR My mother who is her ONLY sister! :(
She is a lovely person, an amazing heart, ((well, back in the day she was :( Now, it's just a CONSTANT battle with her to even go to the doctors office because she is scared to leave the house. She is ONLY 64 years old. Oh, She has been this way since her father died, 12 YEARS AGO! (as the Doctors are insinuating this is the 'reason' all is going to hell in a hand basket anyway) She is FINANCIALLY in ruin now..almost flat broke! , I dont have the money to deal with all the medications as well as the doctors co-pay from her medical insurances...I cant even afford her medications, (however, i am FINDING a way to afford it, and ONLY because i HAVE to or these episodes of hers are getting intensely , hands ON, VIOLENT :( Unfortunately, I have had to call the Police just for her OWN safety, a couple of times now, so that she would not hurt HERSELF...

Sadly, I think I am moving towards, my complete wits end over this situation with and our situation. Honestly, I cant just GIVE UP on her... as the rest of our 'family' but ... I'm scared for her, and I'm really losing hope that it's going to not work out with me here at all....I'm scare that i might be doing more harm than good..However, i cant get her to go to ANY Dr. Appointments much less a real Mental care center....

If there is ANYONE out there that can offer me ANY advice, I am in REAL NEED OF IT! :( I appreciate your time in reading my details - IF anything, I need to find a new way of approaching her and talking to her so that she understands...Extremely hard, doing this all alone.

thank you in advance, for ANYTHING you could offer. We live in Eagle Rock, California if that helps anyone with maybe some special groups? or community help?

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You said your aunt has medication that your are managing to pay the meds help to control her behavior and outbursts? If not, she may need a med review to make some adjustments. I know you are in a tight spot here that is emotionally difficult to say the least.Can you get control of your aunts finances so maybe you can control more of what she is spending or doing with her money? I know I suggest this a lot on this site, however, I have read that the Area Agency on Aging has many programs that your aunt may qualify for, you can contact them either through county services or if you live a big city, there may be an office locally. Another option is, if you seriously want to continue caring for you aunt (which I have no doubt that you do), is to make an appointment for a free consultation with an Elder Law Attorney. He/she can advise you on what you can do to help your aunt. Unfortunately I don't have more to offer you since my experience is with Alzheimer's Disease. My heart goes out to you and I know others will post on this that may offer more help! Hugs to you!!
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Next time the police arrive ask for an ambulance and have her taken in for a neuro-psych evaluation. Your county office for the aging should be able to help you, and her MD's should have plenty of documentation to support her need for help. As for the house in the country, see if she can get a reverse mortgage to help pay for her care.
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