They are both in their late 70's, non English Speakers, live alone and don't drive. They depend on transportation from me or my sister. My dad does not cook/clean although he manages ok with laundry and bathroom. My mom does the rest. I have notice that she is getting very forgetful and hard of hearing. She carries with her the timer when she has something on the burner but some time she forgets to check! She is also losing strength in both her upper extremities. My mom has a hard time cutting vegetables and carrying pots/pans when they are full. I have found the fridge wide opened in several occassions.
I am concerned that things are starting to deteriorate. I will be moving out of state for reasons of work. My sister lives in town but she also works from 7 to 7 pm. My parents go to the senior center 3 times a week where they socialize with other Hispanic seniors and they receive a well balanced meal for $3 each. I suggested that they should go every day but neither one of them want to get up a 6am every day. It takes them a long time to get ready, the bus picks them up a the entrance of the condo at 8:30.
Please let me know if there is hope for them to get any type of help with meals. My mom is ok with cleaning. It is the cooking that give her great anxiety. In many occasions she doesn't sleep thinking of what she is going to have to cook the next day. My dad has always been a bit of a picky eater although tolerates anything from other cooks.
Thank you very much for your time.

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First of all your mother needs to be seen by a doctor to find out this weakness thing. She's not that old to be having that unless there's a problem. As far as the meals on wheels thing, call them and ask what the criteria is. But I'm pretty sure they'll deliver the meals. BTW they don't deliver on Holidays.
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