Mom lives w/ sis but stays weekends w/ me and husband. She performs repetitive tasks over and over. (Folds and re folds clothing or blankets. Clears things from L.R. coffee table and puts them in random piles) Could it be a soothing mechanism for her? I have pulled up family pictures to stimulate some interest, but she gets bored. Any feedback would be appreciated. She can go for short walks. How can I help to fill the days for her?

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Fidget quilts can keep our loved ones occupied for hours. Fidget quilts help with the anxiety and restlessness that come with Alzheimer's and other Dementias. They are a patchwork lap blanket made with different textured fabric and engaging activities--like zippers, snaps, ribbons etc. you can find them on Etsy, Google and EBay.
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It is difficult to find something they can focus on for more than a minute. My cousin can no longer fold anything. Her attention span is less than 30 seconds, but I try to amuse her with fun bracelets, dolls, cute pictures of animals on her walls, and music.

I have read about activity quilts that are designed for dementia patients. I think they have various activities sewn into the quilt such as buttons, zippers, velcro, etc. At certain stages in their progress, this might be appealing to them.

A friend of mine has her dad locate a red button in a bowl of multi colored buttons. She supervises him while he does this, so he doesn't put them in his mouth. She has to remind him periodically what he is doing.
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It seems she enjoys doing things with her hands, things that can be done repetitively. I think these kinds of tasks would be the ones on which to focus. What else can she do that falls into this category? Dry and put away silverware, dusting....what else would be similar?

Brushing or petting animals is a good idea, and it's been proven that it's soothing to both human and pet.
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It's helpful that you have five days in between visits to set some things up.

"Mom, could you help me fold the laundry?" That might be music to her ears. And for that, you've gone into your linen closet and dumped every towel you own into a laundry basket.

When mom was with me, every few weeks, I'd set her down at the kitchen table, I'd wash knick knacks, and she'd dry, Didnthey need it? Hardly. But mom felt sooo good helping.

I'd save magazines and ask her to tear out recipes for me. Match socks. Fold plastic grocery bags.

You could do her nails once a week. Wash and style her hair. Ask her to sit at the kitchen table and help peel potatoes or help with lunch or dinner in some other way. Make a recipe of hers for dinner and ask her either to help or to remind you of the ingredients and how it's made.

Have a dog? Ask her to brush him for a while. Or maybe herd the cats. (Just kidding on that one. You can't herd cats. Ha!)

Get a few big-piece jigsaw puzzles from Good Will. See if they interest her. Get one of those books for seniors that have questions for them to answer that become keepsakes for their family. Ask her the questions, write some of her answers down. So often old times are more vivid than yesterday.

Google around for ideas. "Activities for seniors" or "activities for dementia patients" or some-such may yield a goldmine.

I wish you well. I understand.
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Yes they are soothing for her... It's so hard to find activities.. Their attention span is about 15 min..

My Mom likes Lawrence Welk Show so we watch You Tubes of espisodes on my PC...

Also trivia.. I'll google Movie\music trivia questions 1940's, I skim thru them and pick out ones she'll know..

Just last night I found questions and answers about Christmas, songs, movies she did really good and it lasted for about 45 min..

She will also do easy puzzles and play bingo.. I printed out a bingo games from the internet that has Christmas words instead of numbers..

The days can get long and somedays she doesn't want to do anything but pace around the house ALL day long..

Good luck..
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