Assisted living is through Medicaid. He has nothing but 800 from SS. Thank you all. You have no idea how much you help me emotionally and with questions.

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Staffbull wrote another post on August 16, 2018 and only 4 or 5 people wrote comments.  She might be having problems with AC website like I am and was unable to finish this current posting. be having problems with
"questions I need some help with. Thank you love you guys"

This is too good to be true. I have had an extremely stressful week with FIL. He keeps asking what is the status of the apartment on main street. (this conversation started because my mom is able to live out in the country by herself). I am trying to stop it before we go through it over and over again. I told him that he is not waiting for an apartment there. I stated that he is on a waitlist for assisted living so he would have the help he needs with monitoring his medication and assistance with nutrition. I also said there are a lot of other things there to possibly work on your memory and immediate help when you fall. So, it begins. I can live by myself. I am getting better when I walk or turn. I know I have to watch it. That’s why he had a black eye the other day.

I have even changed the way I deal with him regarding him being a 165 pound squirrel in my yard. I just say thank you for all the work you do. It’s helping. Anyway, I said that I have it written in black and white from your doctor saying you are to not for any reason to live by yourself and you are to be evaluated by a benefit specialist to determine what level of care is needed. Adrc evaluadated in february. At that time the recommendations were for assisted living. Unfortunately, he was ready to leave the rehabilitation center because he plateaued. We should have left him there while we waited for Medicaid and he would have been higher on the list. Anyway he moved in with my BIL and family. Not perfect, he still didn’t take his medication and he kept falling.

He has been with us for 6 weeks as many of you know my story with my family. Sorry about the long intro so I am curious if anyone knows what happens? I know on the 29th the benefit specialist reevaluates him. There has been a huge decline since February. I was in Illinois when they did the first one so I am nervous because one moment he is okay but then the next he isn’t. He said that they talk to us so they know where he stands. I love him so much and I really think he will be happier there.

Another question is what is assisted living like. Can he leave to go to his coffee shop. What kind of care does he receive? What do we do if he refuses to go. We have the documentation from the doctor and ardc. He is not of sound mind. Would we have to go to court to prove it? Then one of his friends that I have gotten really close to said have him fill out the paperwork for those low income apartment on main street. I told him that will really start something. I have been really really ill and I can’t even drive I have an endoscopic ultrasound with a stent placed in one of my pancreatic ducts. I am very weak and in constant pain so when his friend said this I and trusted him and explained how frustrated my husband and I are and no one knows what you are going through unless they are walking in your shoes. So the next time he saw me he called me a dry drunk. I was really hurt by this. I was just confiding in him about how difficult it is. As many of you know it’s not been an easy year but I still go to meetings help others and I work the 12 steps daily. I am so tired of people judging when they have no idea what the hell is going on. I am so sorry for this book I wrote. I know I have vented but there are a few questions I need some help with. Thank you love you guys
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Staff, are you saying that your FIL has been approved for Nursing Home Medicaid? Has a facility been identified? If so, that's great news!
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Staffbull18 Aug 2018
we will find out more tuesday fingers crossed
Staff, your post got cut off. Can you repost? Thanks.
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