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RonJul, I'm not sure what your question is but assume it arises from the fact that apparently there aren't any liquid assets to be disbursed (or from which to pay end of life financial obligations), and that as Co-Executrix you would face financial challenges, and/or might have to pay from your own funds?

First, you're not obligated for the latter; end of life obligations not titled in heirs' names don't attach to Executrix/tor, or Personal Representatives as they're known in some states.  

Second, and perhaps more important depending on your father's state of Alzheimer's, the will may not be valid, depending on your father's mental status at the time of execution.  Had he been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or was this a supposition?  

Who handled preparation and execution of the Will?  A qualified estate planning attorney?  Elder law attorney?   I hope your father didn't create and execute the Will all by himself.   

Third, as to "funding", that usually refers to a Trust, through which assets are retitled from individual or joint names to the specific name of the Trust.    There may be laws addressing this since I worked in this area years ago, so my response is qualified by that possibility.   

Fourth, how are assets titled now?  Is there a home involved?  (for some reason, I can't get profile information; the screen just freezes, so I can't tell where your father is now, i.e., at home, in a facility, or where.)    If there is a home, and/or financial assets (stocks, bonds, etc.), were they in your father's name but now retitled to include your step-mother?   And jointly?

I think your concern might also be that these assets will pass directly to your stepmother, and none to the heirs, so there really would be nothing in his estate?

Fifth, how did he "give" all his money to your stepmother?    Did he cash in assets, or retitle them?  If the latter, this also depends on his mental status given his dementia.

Sixth, what's your bottom line concern?    Remaining assets for others in the family, or assets to pay for his last expenses?
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