Hi everyone. I've been sick since Dec 15 and am still suffering with an acute Sinus Infection. Came out of nowhere and won't leave. Went to the doctor: antibiotics made me feel worse and weakened me by wiping out all the good gut things. It didn't even hit the bacteria target. Anyone have experience with this and what worked?

I am drinking green tea for immune boosting, rubbing garlic on both sides of toast and throwing garlic, onions and fresh ginger in everything. I put organic apple cider vinegar ( a few teaspoons) in my tea, adding lemon to everything, sleeping a lot, and still have congestion behind the nasal area dripping into throat. I am taking PRObiotics to replace the damage of the antibiotic. AH! What can I do? how long will this go on?

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Did you wash down your walls and ceilings after the renovation? I lived in a room of an apartment that had been renovated (sanded floors included) and started to have a nasty cough along with nasal symptoms...after a while I washed down the walls & ceilings, and boy was there ever a thick layer of yellow dust!
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Oh, jeez, how awful that people are smoking right outside your apartment! Can you put towels or rags at the base of your door to block the smoke?

Smoke gives me a headache in 10 minutes and it lasts for 2 days. It wouldn't surprise me if that's a compounding factor for your problems, added to the offgassing from the remodeling.

Is there any way you an put a fan outside your door and turn it on when the smokers gather?

(I can't help but picture that scene from Carmen when the cigarette girls take their break, come out of the factory, and puff like a backfiring car.)
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My dad suffered from severe, repeated sinus infections. His was so severe, that he was referred to Duke Medical Center as an emergency. They performed a Sinus Wash to clean out his infection. It was HUGE. Not many places will do this for some reason. You can find a video on You tube of it. Use terms Sinus Wash Medical to see how it works. It's on the same principle as a Neti pot. Plus, you need meds to follow up with.

Another tip is that he discovered that his laundry detergent was a huge problem. Changing to fragrance free made a huge difference in his symptoms.
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Hi Pam. Yes we have a carbon Mono detector. This place is spotless, no bugs, than goodness. but the ladies smoking just outside my apartment several times a day could be the trigger.
Time to invest in an air purifyer. I can't get them to quit. Even the one with the oxygen tank trailing behind her!!!
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Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? CO can make you feel pretty lousy, just before it kills you.
Is it remotely possible there are cockroaches in your building? They can trigger allergy symptoms. So can the products use to eliminate them.
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I used to get two or three of those infections a year. My doctor kept telling me to see an allergist. What did he know...I knew I had hay fever, so why should I go?

I finally got myself tested for allergies after a particularly nasty sinus infection turned into a nasty bout of bronchitis. LO and behold, I don't have hay fever. I'm all Eric to dust mites. Which are everywhere, all year round. I started taking one Zyrtec, an antihistamine every day. And I haven't had a sinus infection since I started. That was 4 years ago.
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Thank you so much, both of you. I bought my first netti pot today.
Also got more probiotics, and started shopping for an air purifyer and a humidifier. I don't have enough money to buy much right now so I hesitated but it's on my list of things to get very soon. I spoke to the apartment manager. They do a great job here. I asked for an air conditioner cover so the smokers outside don't pollute my apartment air. I'll look more into neutralizing chemicals in the carpets maybe....baking soda? I don't know. Capsicum or hot pepper is very beneficial by the way, but yes processed foods, refined flours, sugars, chemical additives, etc are bad any time.
Usually I eat a healthy and careful diet so this really hit me unexpectedly. I think it's the dry air mostly. It's interesting what the body craves: spinach, lemon, water, coconut water (for electrolyte balance), pineapple juice for bromelain. Chicken soup for the garlic, onions, and tumeric.

What about those Himalayan Salt Lamps for ionizing the air? Anybody have one?

I just ordered sage for tea along with some other supplements.
I saw a nose spray at Whole Foods called Dry Nose for about $10 but if I get it Friday they have a 25% discount on all supplements.
So my plan is put moisture in the air, clean the air, clear the infection, and keep the nose moist.
The doctor said my lungs were clear. The post nasal drip is the coughing problem The color of the mucus is mostly clear but once in a while it is yellow or greenish. As I feel better it is clearer.

I think I am getting better albeit slowly. The apartment manager said she had heard of many people having a similar sinus infection.

Thanks so much again. At least I did have fun watching Harry Potter movies.
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I've read that a person should blow their nose gently, as too much pressure can cause more problems.
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1. Air: I assume you don't have control of the furnace but you might ask management how often the air filters are changed. Beyond that, if you can afford it, get a good high quality HEPA air cleaner. Ours are Honeywells and have high, medium and sleep settings, so they can be left on overnight but aren't as loud as the higher settings.

I used to use an Ionic Breeze and could really tell the difference in the air. I've read they were allegedly harmful for some reason but haven't experienced that.

At one job I had, the firm provided small desk air cleaners that we used; it made a vast difference in the quality of the air.

Do you have a hygrometer to measure the moisture content in the air? If not, get one; when the moisture contents gets below 30 or 35 I can tell the difference. If it's down lower, as in hospital level dryness, I KNOW I'm going to have problems breathing, and my nose will dry out. So check the moisture level in the apartment.

Humidifiers can help moisture the air and they're relatively inexpensive.

2. Years ago I had a lot of sinus problems and used a combination of menthol crystals and tincture of benzoin, but I've moved to more natural remedies now.

Honey lemon tea made either from dissolving a honey lemon cough drop or a combination of 1 tsp to 1 Tblsp. each of honey and lemon juice in a cup of water helps immensely. Inhale the vapors inbetween slowly drinking it. Lemon cuts through the phlegm and lessens the congestion and honey soothes the throat.

Sage in hot water helps a lot as well. I doubt if the sage in little jars like spices will help much as it's probably not very fresh. I'd try to find some in a place that sells organic sage, dry it either by air drying for a week to 2 weeks (obviously this is not an immediate remedy) or compromise a bit and dry it in the microwave. Or if you have a gas oven with an always on pilot light, put the sage in a glass dish (like a pie dish) or casserole dish and let it dry.

Crumble the sage into heated water, put a towel over your head, get close, but not TOO close to a small saucepan of heated water with the sage mixed into it.

If you do use a neti pot, be sure to scrub it well. I read some years ago of problems and illnesses b/c of improper cleaning of neti pots.

3. Real yogurt, with real probiotics, can help offset the antibiotic damage. I also take acidophilus pills when necessary.

4. Chicken soup is a miracle food. Bean soups are good as well; I add lots of chopped up ham for some protein. And inhale the vapors inbetween eating the soup.

5. Spinach in salad can help restore energy with its high iron levels.

6. My aunt developed what we believe was chemical pneumonia after being brought home from the hospital into a room which her not too bright daughter had freshly painted. In the winter, the room got no outside ventilation and she was back in the hospital in a few days.

I have to wear a respirator when caulking or painting, even outside.

You might have some higher levels of sensitivities to chemical compounds.

7. I'm wondering if you've had a chest x-ray to ensure that you don't have bronchitis or something else developing besides the nasal problems? If any of the drainage is greenish, not bright forest green but a light, almost chartreuse green, it's evidence of an infection, possibly pneumonia.

8. Do you have an incentive spirometer, or do you know how to do deep breathing exercises like singers do? They help strengthen the lungs.

My money's on the offgasing from the new carpeting and other things that might have been added (or stirred up and made airborne) by the renovation. Chemical allergies can be just as difficult to deal with, especially if any of them contain formaldehyde.

If you go to another doctor, you might consider an allergist.

And avoid hot sauces, processed foods and other unnatural products for awhile. Refined flours and sugars are also unhealthful, so avoid them as well.
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Are you already using a neti pot? And I remember years ago a friend swore by oil of oregano. I've also read of grapefruit seed extract in a nasal spay that is supposed to be good but I don't know anyone who has tried it.
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Thank you for your comment. Because I have been sick I haven't seen anyone or celebrated anything: no gifts, trees, etc. It's winter here in MA so no allergies yet. I do feel good enough to get myself to Whole Foods and get a decent probiotic, netti pot. My apartment has just been renovated so maybe there are carpet or paint things that set me off. I have a cheap vaporizer I remembered to dig out of the closet once I couldn't breathe. ha
I think some of this is caused by Geo-Engineering and Chemtrails which deposit bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals into our air.

Well I hope I can find some nifty things to try at WF. Thanks for your response. Hope you feel good too.
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Judda, could part of your problem be allergies? My sinus infections often start that way.
Change the air filter (if you are in an apartment, request that management check yours - it might not have been changed in a while).
If you have/had a live tree for holidays, get it out! We can't have one due to my and son's severe allergies. If you have any new plants, consider regifting them.
Did anyone give you a new perfume or lotions with scent for holidays? If working, did they change air freshener or add plants at your office?
My mother used a neti pot and swore by it (I can't handle them). I use a saline spray to wash out some of the gunk and Mucinex to try to break up the mucus. If your weather is like ours in TX, the ups and downs of temperature caused a lot of stuff to bloom early. Our heater coming on has also burnt dust and I've changed filters twice. Finally feel like we are coming out of the guck.
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