I received a call on Saturday from my cousin's Memory Care unit that she was having pain in her arm. They did not know of any fall or injury, but thought it was best to check it out, so I met her at the ER. After an X-Ray and then an MRI of her arm, it was diagnosed as a fracture caused by Enchondrama, which is a tumor inside the bone that can cause fractures. They said it's not likely cancerous, so that's good, but I just wondered if others have encountered it. Her follow up appt is later this week. I'm just wondering what others have experienced with it. She is wheelchair bound, but now I'm concerned this will pop up in her legs or all over.

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Thanks Restless44. I actually saw a video of that procedure on the finger on you tube.

Since I made my post about this, I met with my cousin and her orthopaedic doctor. He confirmed the ecchondrama, but seems to think that it did NOT cause the fracture. So, apparently, she did hit it somehow. I'm trying to get that information now.

Thank you for your response.
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I had a fracture similar in my pinky and it was determined it wasn't cancerous. The fracture had to heal first, then surgery was done to fill that gap. They injected some sort of a calcium product into that gap and it hardens into bone like material.
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