Is a geriatrician (doctor specializing in care of the elderly) a good idea for a parent who is tired all the time and doesn't always eat enough? I'm not sure if my mom is physically ill or just depressed. She was just checked out by her cardiologist and he said she was fine. I don't want my mom to have to go thru a lot of fruitless tests, but I would like her to have a better quality of life. Does anyone have any experience with a geriatrician?

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My mom's primary care physician would medicate her for every symptom she came in with. My mom lost a kidney to cancer and it concerned me that all these meds would be filtering through the one kidney left, her doctor said everything was fine...well, I didn't agree and found a geriatrician to switch mom to. He's taken her off of alot of her meds, he takes the time to really listen to her concerns and get to the bottom of the actual ailment she's presenting with, not just the symptom. She trusts him and listens to his advise regarding lifestyle changes...I'm glad we switched to a geriatrician!
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Everyone should have a primary care provider. Typically that should be in addition to any specialist such as a cardiologist.

Just as children do best (in my opinion) with a pediatrician, elders to best with a geriatrician. There approach to illnesses and treatments is different, and takes into consideration the place where the patient is in his or her life.

I greatly admire the geriatrician we take Mom to, and who cared for my husband.
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