Why are the antibiotics not working for mom's UTI? It's been three weeks, what can I do?


My mom has been treated for a UTI for about 3 weeks. Admitted into the hospital last week for two days of IV antibiotics. She still has the UTI. I think this is the 3rd round of different antibiotics. Why would these antibiotics not be working and what can I do? Thanks!

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I get UTI's so frequently and I had to resort to antibiotics more often. I had tried everything natural to try and stop it, but nothing has worked better than the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate. I'm not getting anything free for writing this, I just wanted to write a review for the girl out there like me that might read these words.

I tried it on a whim because my cranberry pills weren't working, straight d-mannose wasn't working. I take two anytime I feel even a hint of anything happening and it takes care of it. I also take one after sex. This is amazing and I thank the people out there who make it cuz without it I would have to resort to antibiotics, and now I only have to resort to them in emergencies!
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I noticed the lab said e-coli was the culprit for the uti. So now I rinse Mom with a warm spray from the bath shower hose in the morning and at night. Sometimes I rinse from the back first, then always from the front and down, being careful to get where the skin folds from the legs while she sit on the toilet. Quick, easy, comfortable, and washes any bacteria away from the urethra to tolerable levels I suppose as this has been the only thing that seems to work.... Oh yeah and I get her to drink quite a bit if possible. Sippy cups work good. Green Tea, decaffeinated, some lemon juice in it for electrolytes and taste. Go through lots of diapers and pads but at least no itchy uti.
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Meow, your going the right way. Yep
Remember the methyl blue foam.
Yes you can do debrement in the
Clinic...they use a sonic machine.

Is it due to venous status ??

If so you can use a machine that
Will help with blood flow. It has
A boot that goes over the foot
To "the never land". It has a pump
That Inflates and deflates bladders
And this mimics blood flow...I
Can't recall the name.

I don't know the particulars on
Your moms wound, but the big
buzz word is biofilm
The sonic is sonicia and there are
Manual devices.
Good luck
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busy, thank you. We're already seeing a wound care clinic and are using Santyl and Hydrofera Blue on a daily basis, also using plenty of skin barrier prep and Calmoseptine. Home Health is coming in twice weekly, we see the wound care doctor weekly.

We tried Medi-honey and did not have a good result. We tried an antimicrobial silver gel (name escapes me at the moment) and did not have a good result with that, either, though we may go to using that every other day, alternating with the Santyl.

I observe all sanitary/sterile procedures, using up to 4 pair of gloves per dressing change, cleaning items that may have come in contact with the wound or drainage (ie, bandage scissors) with alcohol, and so forth; also, any laundry that comes in contact with drainage from the wound is washed separately in hot water and some bleach.

She gets added protein twice daily and her protein levels have been raised from low-normal to normal, along with adding some 30 pounds in weight over the past 10 months.

On the Santyl/Hydrofera Blue protocol, I am starting to see minimal improvement. She needs to be hospitalized for a debridement under anesthesia as well as IV antibiotics; however, she's within 30 days of her last hospital admission and so Medicare would prove difficult to get past on a readmit. When we next see the wound care doctor, I'll be asking if she can have the debridement done as an outpatient instead, as I think that's important to be done.

Unfortunately, I don't believe the oral antibiotics are helping her UTI or her wound as yet; she's been on them for 5 days and I would have expected to hear her say the UTI's improving by now. She says it isn't. So we shall see what this week brings as we see both the wound care doc and her primary care on Wednesday. If she still can't be hospitalized, then I'll ask about taking her daily for outpatient IV antibiotics.

The problem is that she typically responds poorly to the treatment that would normally be indicated and, yet, testing shows that this is not arterial and should respond to typical venous wound treatments. But, from my research, I've learned that her poor response isn't actually atypical but, rather, somewhat normal. We just keep plugging.
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momlover: AZO is for the very mildest of urinary track problems...... this is not an antibiotic. Re-occurring UTI's are usually brought on by something that is on going in the patient's routine. Consult a good urologist.
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Oh I forgot....when you change bandages
About every day, wash the entire leg
And foot with diluted herbiclense or
Techcare surgical scrub when available.
but do not put them on the wound.
Also when you change bandage, make
Sure you a sterile. Use product past
Your elbow, wear gloves...and perhaps
Wear a mask good luck
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meow. Let me give you what I learned from.
Some wounds that were difficult to
Heal. First we need everything to
Heal...protein and some trace minerals.
There is a product called pro-stat...15g of
Protein in 1 oz. Get the aw one (advanced
Wound therapy) but check with Dr
About the protein and kidney function.

As for wound infection, I have used medi-honey,
Rinse with sterile saline and reapply.
The the other is a once or twice
Per day topical soak of Dakins solution
(look on internet). On either one when
you wrap it, use sterile AMD gauze
Which is a special antimicrobial coatinB.C.
Consult with your local wound clinic.
I've also seen wound vac do wonderful
Things...good luck
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Okay, thanks for the clarification. I just did some reading on C. diff and it would seem that I'm doing the right things to help prevent that, despite the frequent need for antibiotics.

And with my mom, it's not just the UTIs, it's also a long-term wound that heals, then reopens, then heals, then reopens. At some point, it invariably becomes infected (currently, it's infected with MRSA, 4 weeks ago, it was VRE) and antibiotics are a necessity for that as well. Actually, 4 weeks ago, she had two separate organisms in her urine, and two separate organisms in her ankle wound, which gave us 4 separate organisms to try to treat - and all that without affecting her other meds. It's becoming more and more of a struggle...
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After asking her urologists several times if there was anything else we could try. I I found the article in a homeopathic medical journal on women and reacuring UTI's. Your right about the e-coli bacteria which is like 80% of UTI's. If that isn't working it suggested the other ones for the less common bacteria. It also suggested a vaginal hormone cream as the older we get, the dryer we are which contributes to UTI's. The maintenance dose was also mentioned but the effects of that over time is that we develop an immunity to antibiotics and then we really need one, there is no one left that you can use. The worse scenario is the C-Diff infection that is caused from having no bacteria from all the antibiotics leaves that bacteria a perfect place to move in.
Unfortunately never got the chance to test them out as right after I received the medicine, I went on a long anticipated trip with friends and on my way home got a call from my sister, telling me that she had fallen down and the rest is unfortunate circumstances.
I'm only telling you all this because I wish someone had told me sooner. It's worth a try is all I can say.
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brindle18, the research I've seen on D-Mannose is that it seems to be effective only for e. coli bacteria. I've just checked through his site for more info that D-Mannose is effective against "the majority" of UTI infections and I'm still only seeing references to the e. coli bacterium. Was this a recent show or blog post or something that maybe isn't coming up in my search on his site?
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