I live in Hillsboro,Mo. and care for my bedridden Mom. I need to find a dr. that will see mom at home since she is not able to leave the house. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem or any info. Thanks :)

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dinagrey A LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse CAN NOT do anything a docter can.
A Nurse Practitioner or Physian Assistant can.
A LPN can physically ascess a patient, record vital signs, draw blood etc and report his or her observations to the patients Dr who will then draw his or her own conclusions and prescribe based on the LPN observations and recomendations. The same is true of a RN or Registered Nurse. the difference being the RN recieves a longer initial training, but either one may be more experienced in their particular field.
Many people think that Hospice care is only for those actively dying or with a life expectancy of less than six months. It is worth calling your local hospice and having someone come out to see the patient. Many hospices also provide palliative care such as pain management for those who have chronic illness, nutrition advice, physical therapy, spiritual care, and have a social worker.
A hospice has to have a medical director, who can make home visits.
You local health department may also have some answers and many provide visiting nurses and other health care services and often volunteers for respite care. Hospice care is covered by medicare and medicaid and most major health Insurers.
Talk to your mothers Primary Care Physcian or yours if she does not have one and formulate a plan to get Mother and Dr together even if if it means an ambulance ride, it can be done. This is not an emergency so everything can be arranged ahead of time and approved for insurance purposes.
It is a jungle out there for people not experienced in the healthcare field but keep asking questions and advocating for Mum. Don't be put off by someone who answers the phone and says "No" They probably don't know anymore than you do. You have made a good start by asking your question. I hope others especially in your area will answer.
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You were both helpful gave me some ideas. Mom does not need hospice yet but the LPN idea is a good one and my family Dr. might go along with that. It's so hard to find people in the heathcare field to help with homebound elderly. So sad. Thank you both very much.
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Do you have a family doctor? They can give you a reference.
Or, you obviously have a computer, so do a search on Google.
" Housecall Doctors near Hillsboro,MO." If you are in a small town, the closest bigger city may have one.
Before my Mother went on hospice in September, she had a Housecall doctor who was part of a Senior Care Group in our city.
Good Luck.
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Is she receiving Hospice?
My father-in-law has been getting care from hospice almost a year now. A LPN comes every two months and a nurse twice a week. All their info. is then given to the doctor who signs off on certain meds. An LPN can do just about anything a doctor can. I am assuming every state is different. I believe her doctor has to fill out forms for hospice care.
Hope that helps.
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