This was my hubby's diagnosis and all I can say is Damn. No matter what I did I was never effective. I used to think if I looked at him I could see another sprocket washer nut or bolt fall out. In addition his lower back had stenosis and knees riddled with arthritis and methersiis in his right foot. I was just wondering?

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There is no 1fits all answer for any of the dementias.

But you can do things to offset some issues that usually accompany the different dementias. My mom had lewy & for her, she had at hallucinations and visual/spacial issues and the LBD shuffle. Changing the lighting & getting rid of large dark furniture with deep dark shelves made a huge difference in visual problems & hallucinations. Putting lights on timers so establish day/night patterns also helped - my mom wouldnt mess with torch style floor lamps but would mess with table lamps, go figure! . In bathroom & hallway were battery run flame less candles.

If he has the lewy shuffle - where they don't lift legs to walk but instead leave their feet flat on the floor so shuffle rather than walk- removing all rugs & leveling out or widening transition surfaces helps their stability.

For Lewy, if he has visual spacial issues, they just don't "see" patterns & textures as they really are. For my mom, flooring - whether wood, tile, cement or carpet - could appear to be cobblestone and with up & down irregular surface that old cobblestone streets have. Better & even lighting helps a lot with this. Also if the floors are kinda the same color or segue into the same tones, that helps too. Often with lewy, they see as if they are looking at a room lit with a "cookie" ( cucoloris), so things that throw or cast shadow - like plant leaves, things on deep set shelves - cause a visual distortion or a hallucination as their brain doesn't recognize it's just a shadow. You may find that rooms need to be pared down of stuff that causes shadows. For lewy, a lot of better information is on British websites. Even though lewy is the 2nd most common dementia, in the US info is geared on Alz.
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Dementia often has more than one type. Alzheimer's and vascular and Lewy Body and Parkinson or any combination. Go up to the search site box and type in your city and state and lots of helpful information will pop up.
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