She lives in an independent retirement community and has home health. We went to the doctor this week and she said that if Mom doesn't start eating and moving she will lose her mobility in a very short time. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do! Yesterday she ate lunch because I made her angry. That didn't work today. I work full time and have other responsibilities and can't be there that much. I would have for her to go into a nursing home, but it looks like that could happen soon. She has lost 6 lbs. in a month.

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I should have explained further. The doctor does not see a physical reason for any of this. She thinks it is purely emotional, but Mom also complains of nausea all the time (though she told the caregiver twice that she was faking it). Because of the alleged nausea, the Dr. does not want to add an antidepressant just yet, but has ordered physical therapy. That hasn't started yet.
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Call the MD and ask about Hospice. It sounds like it is time. If she does not want to eat, please don't argue. Her system may be shutting down.
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