Mom, 90, had a stroke july 1, did short term acute rehab for 2 weeks and is now in subacute rehab, getting speech ot and pt. Stroke mostly affected language centers. Before this, she was in an independent living facility, I'd visit once a week and set up her medications, take her shoppin, etc, the subacute place where she isright now is lovely, highly rated, but she ddoesn't trust anyone. She keeps calling us when anything happens, won't push the call button because she's gotten it into her head that she has to pay the aides, that they are talking about her, that they think she's working too hard in therapy. She's on lexapro and klonopin, lexapro started in acute rehab place, klonopin for anxiety was started several years ago. What does this sound like to all of you, and long term, are we looking at assisted living or nursing home?

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This could still be trauma from the stroke and perhaps she'll get better, but vascular dementia is a possibility. Also, it's possible that the trauma of the full medical experience pushed her over into the Alzheimer's range (if she was headed that way anyway). However, some people are disoriented when they leave the hospital and they get better with time.

I don't want to sound too negative, but I think you may be looking at a nursing home, lont-term. My heart about broke when you said she thinks she needs to pay the aides. We had such a problem with my dad over that. He wanted to "tip" everybody. One of many struggles! His dementia was caused by surgery.

Again, the paranoia could be temporary or a sign of dementia. You'll have to work with the doctor and watch for improvement. Lexapro will take time. That's an antidepressant that may help some issues, but I'm not sure it's going to "fix" all of this. I'd start looking at nursing homes and put her on a list if you find one you like. You can always take her name off the list if she improves.

Take care of yourself. This has been a huge change for you.
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Lexapro takes up to six weeks to get in her system... My Mom was on it for the six weeks and it didn't help her anxiety.. She woke up 8 days straight with panic attacks. It made her more paranoid.. That being said, everyone is different.. Maybe a lower dose may help or a different rx...

You could not answer the phone when she calls and let the facility deal with her..
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