My mom gets mean, what should I do? This isn't the 1st time. She never has really liked me but every time she gets drunk and I tell her I'm not gonna see or any more some kind away we go again. Here it is Christmas and I don't know what to do I haven't talked to her since March she's mean and unrepentant.

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Your post says that your mom is drinking too much and what should you do? Nothing. You do nothing. You go about your holiday plans and have a good time. What else can you do?
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I sympathize with you. Both my parents were alcoholics. They divorced when I was 5.
Holidays were usually hell. I always wished I had a (sober) family (I am an only child) and celebrated like other families.

Your profile says you are taking care of your Mom at home but you wrote that you haven't spoken to her since March. Do you live with her?

If not, I would not include her in your Christmas plans. You said it, she gets mean. My dad was a Dr. Jekel/Mr. Hyde too. Sweet as pie when sober but a real jackass when drunk.
Why ruin a nice holiday by having to put up with her bad attitude and drunken outbursts?
You know she won't change and you'll be miserable. Don't contact her and hope she doesn't call you.

I quit seeing my father altogether for 10 years on the advise of my therapist. He was toxic to me. I wound up taking care of him in his old age (80's). He was much easier to get along with but he still drank.

There are no good times with an alcoholic. I suggest you enjoy Christmas with a good friend or other family.
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I second what Cherie said.
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I am sorry you have this hurt right now.
Have you looked into Al anon Meetings near you? Many members of my family have struggled with dysfunctional drinking and those close to them have found support at Al anon meetings where people know what you are going through. Do not try to go it alone.
Best of luck
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