I came here for support and so many of you were very kind, helpful and supportive. But many others were just plain mean. You find me to be miserable, resentful, unhappy and even harmful to my mother. I don’t need this kind of support. Unlike some of you I do have supportive friends and family. And I’m quite happy with my mother being here with me. You have made me feel that I’m unfit for this. It is what’s best for my mom, and what’s right for my family. Some of you are really scary. You all have a right to your opinions. I don’t need to hear how miserable of a person I am from people who don’t know me. I am ok and when and if I need help from anyone, contrary to what some of you think I would get it.

So if someone knows the contact number to unsubscribe I would appreciate it. I just can’t find it. And if you have something ugly to say to me, try to remember I came here for some compassion and help. And save your ugly comments for something else.

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I read thru your current posts. The only one I chose not read was the one about your sister because it had 79 responses. Seems you hit a chord there. But the subsequent ones I saw no negativity.

Yes, I have seen some nasty responses on the forum. I even reported one the other day because it really blasted the poster and it was taken down. But I think there are more positive posts than not. Ignore the negative ones. You do realize there are Trollers amoung us who are here just to start trouble.

Please, don't leave.
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Karinslife, when I first came to the forum about 6 years ago, I had some questions and I felt some of the answers I had received weren't all that user friendly.

Then later I realized those writers were using "tough love", and by gosh, they were right. So, here I am 6 years later still on the forum, even though my parents both past a couple of years ago.

The writers were trying to reinforce that boundaries were needed. Oh, not for my parents, I thought. Oh how I wished I was listening, as this was my first rodeo and I was upset with those who had been down the road. They actually knew best.

Just food for thought.
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mally1 Mar 2019
Glad you're still with us, FF; I appreciate your comments a lot, and have learned from you...
I don't think many of us who publish on public forums such as this haven't been subjected to some hurtful comments, personally I needed this forum too much to walk away completely and I learned to just stop following a thread that has spun out of control and to avoid certain people whose opinions are radically different than mine.

To delete your account click your avatar, go to settings, then my account, and you will find delete my account at the bottom of the page. To contact the administrators directly go to About AgingCare at the bottom of this page.
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