I was receiving the caregiver newsletter by email every few days but noticed nothing has arrived lately. Policy change or ??

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Thanks. Nothing in spam. I went to site using new iphone and saw ‘subscribe’ option pop up so did that. However when it asked to set up screen name, etc. it said that already exists. True, already have profile in place. So maybe triggering subscription again will take care of it. It really is an excellent resource...!
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I noticed something similar that I was missing several emails from my professional organization when it was time to cast a ballot. I am not having this problem with this forum. I have a cable tv email account and I suspect it has to do with the size of mass mailings. Messages did not even appear in my spam box.

You might want to check with your email provider. I had trouble finding who to complain to so I changed my profile to a gmail account.
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Hi JLyn69,
No changes here... I've direct messaged you this same information.
I checked your subscriptions and it appears that you are subscribed and should still be seeing the daily questions and the weekly newsletter. Is it possible that they are directing to your spam folder? Let me know if you don't receive anything in the next few days and we'll investigate further.
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