We want family time with our kids, but we always have to reschedule or cancel. Most of our lives revolve around her needs and it is absolutely not easy. She is very self involved. This is affecting my marriage. We hired help but she cant work on weekends now!!! We are going to speak to her to clear that up quickly. I'm just venting... please feel free to ignore. Haha...

Seriously, this feeling of invisibility, stuck, judged by useless family members, hated by these same useless family members, and guilt is overwhelming. I LOVE this woman infinity! I simply need a week or a month of someone else stepping up to help, which of course.. how dare I ask!

Rant... over.

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If she has the money or you can afford it, put her in respite for a week or two. Some ALs will do it if they have a room available. NHs too.

Tell those who criticize that they are welcome to having her for acweek or two. If they say no, then tell them to but out.

I hate confrontation and basically I am not sarcastic but as I age I am getting tired of people thinking its OK to get snarky with me. The other day I said to a SIL, who I love, get snarky with me over whst I was willing to except on Moms house. So I said " I am tired of dealing with this house and if someone wants to, they can take over". Its been 4 yrs and I can't sell it. Yes, she got mad but she will get happy.
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