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If she can see well enough to recognize bright colors, maybe seated balloon volleyball? This is great fun and exercise. I would also seek things that involve her remaining senses: smell, taste, touch. Grow flowers that are fragrant, keep a bouquet near her fav spot. Try to fix foods from her past that r comforting n may evoke some good memories. Doll therapy is helpful in many ways. My mom who has dementia, wasn't at the point to accept a doll. I asked her to pick out some Teddy bears for gifts to donate for Christmas charity drives. Then I parked some on her bed. They quickly became beloved friends. She talks to them, hugs, pets n plays w them. Pets r also really helpful- cat or older dog (overactive or puppy is a fall hazard) if u can add one to ur mix. Other ideas: seated exercise DVD, sit in sunny spot outside for a few min ea morning, amplifying headphones w soothing music from her era (or bible on cd), soft lap blanket with satin edging added (gives 2 textures), playdough, washcloth folding. Hope these were the kinds of things u were looking for-if not, please share more about ur/her needs? Good luck, kimbee
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