What do young 74-year-olds do? Senior activities are very boring.

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I can't find nothing interesting. I would like to travel with seniors and cannot find any travelinng groups in my area. Im not ready for nursing home or Assisted living. I still drive.

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Try volunteering through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. You'll meet many other active seniors, help people who aren't so fortunate, and likely find people to enjoy social activities with. Senior Corps can be found on the Internet if you don't have an RSVP chapter in your city.
Many other organizations are begging for volunteers, as well. There's no better way to meet active seniors.
Take care and good luck,
There's no reason for anyone to decide that they're "old" arbitrarily and stop doing whatever they love to do if they can still do it! My neighbor died yesterday at the age of 104. She lived alone, successfully, vibrantly, actively, without help, until she was 102. For someone in their seventies, that would represent THIRTY more years -- as many more years as the time that has passed since you were in your early forties. It ain't over if you don't say it's over.
My mom is the same age, and has many physical issues that make it difficult to do much, but she does find some things she likes to do. One of them is teaching a seated exercise class in her building. She really makes it fun, and they all enjoy it -- especially when they lob a balloon back and forth and amongst themselves. Think about what you like and have to offer, and then maybe volunteering in that area, like Carol suggested, would be good. Wishing you the best.
I just continue doing the activities that I always enjoyed in spite of the fact that I'm not as quick nor have the stamina that I once had. I am surprised how many seniors my own age are doing the same.
Hi eva - I am a young 74 year old, and am the same as jack, I keep on doing what I have been doing or even try new or old things. I went tenting a few years ago - something I haven't done in years. Loved it! I know someone with horses, and i want to ride again - more than 50 years since the last time. I want to go fishing again. I love being on the water. I want to take a boat ride up a local river, and that is on the books now. Get to know some more people, as Carol mentioned, it broadens your opportunities. I have a sig other after 15 years on my own and the things I mention are things I will do with him. I do things with my grandkids. If you don;t have grandkids, many schools have programs you could join to contribute - and make new friends You never know what will happen, New girlfriends will open up opportunities - not just face to face but online friends too. I have a few online friends I have been communicating with for years now and we do want to meet one day, Volunteering opens up new interests, and opportunities to make new friends. Take a course or join a group, I don't have enough energy to do it all, but I am never bored.
Good luck
not sure how to answer all your suggestions. Maybe this is the correct way. First I do have great grandaughters that I am very involved and a mother that requires my attentions and a disabled daughter. While all of your suggestions are good, I am tired of takeing care of others and their needs. I need some time away from being responsible. I cared for my husband for 12 years before he passed away 4 yrs ago. So you see I feel like there should be some time for just me. I live in a small community and there is nothing going on here. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for letting me vent. I live alone and there is no one toreally talk to. Even church is boring. Same old stuff. Where is the excitement in being ederly
Have you thought about moving? Some of the medium sized cities have day programs for elderly seniors and the disabled you could use to get yourself some free time during the day. That would also give you somewhere that has more opportunity to do new things.
I have many friends who are your age who still do all the things they used to do, just in different ways as they age and are still trying new things.
I'm 73 and have been active. I go ballroom dancing and really enjoy it. I'm divorced. I met a very active woman at a singles social event. She mentioned ballroom dancing and after a few months called her. When I went for the first time, I almost ran out. All these well dressed people, many around my age were gliding around the dance floor doing a waltz. I never did ballroom dancing and thought I could never do it. I was asked to dance and was honest saying, " I don't know how." They were so nice to me and offered to show me. I hung in there and began to learn. It opened up a wonderful new life for me, and I've met many nice, caring people. The woman, a widow, who introduced me to it, met a
sweet, wonderful man, a widower, and they married three years ago. I've learned you have to try new things, as one door will open another.
I also kayak and have to say I love it probably even more then the dancing. However, kayaking for me, can be lonely. None of my friends do it, so I would take my little Boston Terrier with me. She loved it and was my little buddy. She since has passed away.
All of this being done while be the only caregiver for my 97yr old father. I have to say he still is quite active for his age which offers me the opportunity to do my
stuff. Lately I've noticed he's starting to show signs of slowing down. For his birthday I bought him a Urgent Response device that he can wear. My son is the one who suggested it, so when I go out I can have peace of mind that he can get help if he needs it.
Everyone's situation is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Our intentions are good but we often don't feel appreciated.

This may sound very up but I have had situations with my father that have been upsetting. I know for my sanity I needed to have pleasant activities to cope with the unpleasant events.

Since you said you are interested in traveling, maybe you can do that with some tour groups that specialize in seniors and women who need travel companions. First take a look at to see if you find anything interesting there. If not, try or other groups that cater to women who want to travel with friends. For non-travel activities, That is a place to meeting people in your area who have similar interests. They have gatherings such as dinners, dancing, etc. There may not be any for your area if it is small, but you can even start your own group if you want.
Sometimes it's hard for someone who has worked hard at doing for others to make themselves and their happiness a priority. I agree with Carol's advice. Try volunteering. It will get you involved with a new group of people, doing something new and interesting. And, because you'll be doing for others, you'll be more likely to give yourself 'permission' to do it. It will be an 'official' obligation, so you'll probably be able to put boundaries up around it when family demands tug at your time.
The opportunities are endless and varied, particularly if you're relatively fit physically.

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