Lived in home with mother, making sure her meds were okay, her diet was being as healthy as possible, cleaned house, taught her computer as much as I could so she would feel a little connected, etc. Everyone knows the story. My sister visited her once or twice a year, lives 20 miles away. I detest wills and money, so I ignored it, focused on QOL. Well, we had the will reading and everything my mother owned went to my sister. My sister plans to sell the home I lived in most of my life. It perplexed me why my mother did this. My sister was the baby of the family, but if showing up twice a year constitutes caring, someone is delusional. Thank you.

I would be "a lot" angry. :o/
she is just mean to leave you out IMO
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I was angry, too. I helped dad take care of mom for over 20 years. My siblings got married, kids, grands, etc... They visited when they can. My dad treated them as visitors. I was the 'bad' daughter. My oldest bro of next door - his father-in-law, actually lectured ME that I should do more for my parents. Yet, this oldest bro would fix his in-laws home, mow their lawn, etc.. while ours was neglected. Family members (as in aunties) were mad at me for not doing more - yet I have 7 siblings. When mom and then eventually dad passed away, my sibs insisted we divide everything equally.

My dad had told everyone that this house/land was going to the 2 boys who live in mainland for over 20 years. He told me that if I wanted land, then I should marry a man with land. When he passed away last year, everyone was surprised that he actually added my name with 2 brothers. He may have told everyone that I'm a bad daughter, but he did think I deserve to be part owner of his house/land.

No matter how we try not to feel hurt, it does feel for me a betrayal when my siblings insisted that we split the proceeds equally. Where were they these past 25 years when mom and dad needed them????
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I’d be surprised if you were not hurt and angry. No one held you down and beat you into submission and ordered you to care for your mom. You did it out of the goodness of your heart. You kind of inherited Mom with the house, but you did the right thing and were a good kid. In our family, my husband’s sister was, as I’ve said before, “The Golden Child”. When SIL and her husband were transferred to another state, MIL was so miserable she insisted that they buy SIL, Hubby and kids a home, furnish most of it AND give BIL a job in the family company. Many expensive things “disappeared” when the old folks broke up housekeeping and I’ve heard they are in SIL’s possession. They should have been sold and the proceeds distributed to all the kids. But, Karma is a b**ch and SIL was charged with becoming their mentally challenged sister’s guardian for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, if your sister doesn’t do the right thing, Karma will visit her as well.
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Yes you have a right to be angry. If your sister had any compassion she would split everything down the middle. You will hear from others in the same place.
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