I was trying to get grandpa to scoot up more in his bed because he was so low. So I helped him onto the edge and turned my back for a second to fix pillows and I guess that's when he leaned forward but didn't realize he was leaning too much. I grabbed him at the last second but he still tumbled off and ended up on the ground. He can't walk or anything so it was like a straight drop and I think he might've hit his head on either the boxes or the wheelchair. There's a small cut on his forehead but no bleeding. When he was in rehab, he had a habit of falling out of bed and they took him to the ER when he did bleed. Do I do the same?

I would call your Hospital emergent care now. If you cannot reach your hospital for advice I think he should likely go to the ER. As a nurse I cannot advise you otherwise. Blows to the head can cause internal bleeding into the skull which can put pressure on the brain, and this is why they always do scans or assessments. Were you a trained person I might tell you to observe pupil reactivity and make certain he arouses easily (even checking three times in the night) and observe, but as someone not trained your safest bet is to get the advice now of the doctor, emergent care, your hospital ER. I hate to tell you to take him anywhere where he can be exposed to covid-19 when he likely will be fine, BUT......................
Sometimes the fact you don't see swelling OUTWARD is more concerning because swelling can be forming inward which can pressure the brain. Sorry, but safety means check on all this today with a professional.
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Yes, call 911 immediately. Certain medications can thin blood and cause internal bleeding if you hit your head. It happened to my father-in-law, and he wouldn't go to the doctor or ER (stubborn man), and he didn't survive.
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The danger that could arise from hitting his head IMHO mandates a call to 911.  No one really knows what may have happened inside his head.  Don't take any chances.
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If Grandpa is on hospice, you can call the hospice nurse.
In the meantime, do call 911.

It may be that Grandpa requires more care than can be given at home, so yes, do call 911 and get him re-evaluated.

Please let us know how this works out, for you.....and Grandpa.
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I hope your grandfather is okay. Falls are scary.
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Call 911 let emts decide if he needs to go
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