It was filed without a name but it gave information about who could of did it. It was embarrassing to endure but I know I had not done anything wrong. What can I do in this case to protect myself and father?

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I wouldn't worry about a lawyer unless DHR brings charges.
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DHR will investigate. Anyone can file a complaint won't mean it will be founded. I would get a few bank statements together to show what is coming in and going out. Same with credit cards. If possible have receipts handy. Let DHR take the lead. They know what they r doing and probably have had dismissed the filing.

Not long ago another member had the same problem. It was found that a disgruntled former employee reported the member and the charges were dismissed.
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Has the investigation been completed?
If so and nothing was found no need to be worried.
If there has been no investigation at this point and there is nothing you have done not be overly concerned. If there may be things that you have done that you should not have done the time to correct them is NOW before the investigation begins. You may need the help of an Elder Care Attorney.
Anyone can file a complaint and as caregivers you have to not only care and protect your Loved One but you have to care and protect yourself.
Do EVERYTHING as if it will be investigated. Document purchases, doctor visits, unusual things that happen, any falls, any illnesses, declines of any sort. All these can help if there is a complaint of abuse you can show that there has been a continued decline, the "patient" is a fall risk but refuses to use walkers or other aids. This is not just for your protection but this information can help the doctor determine if your Loved One is having medication reactions or is possibly eligible for a Hospice evaluation.
As for the he living alone and refusing to get help with cleaning and daily chores? If so is he of sound mind to make the decision to remain at home with no help? Is it time for Assisted Living, Memory Care or is it possible to move him into your home or a siblings home?
(If dad is a Veteran the VA may be able to help and depending on where and when he served you could or he could get a lot of help)
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Can you give us more information so that we can offer suggestions and advice that will be appropriate to your situation?
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