My Nanny has progressive Parkinsons and lives in my aunt's land in her own appartment. She is in TX, I'm stationed in Oklahoma.

My aunt is a former heavy drug user and at times mentally unstable. She will not allow family members or friends to visit my grandmother. She claims to be her "legal guardian " but cannot/will not show proof. She does have a POA but it is medical. She claims to have paperwork from a lawyer stating she can decide whether or not people can visit. Is there such a document that exsists?

My Nanny is depressed and cries because no one visits her but she doesn't know my aunt is the reason why. Does this count as isolation? A form of elder abuse? Maybe my aunt does it to spite me but what if something else is going on? Is there a number or someone I can call to get some help?

Edited: I am not the only one she wont let visit. There is a long list.

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Isolation is abuse, but if grandmother won't say anything nothing will be done. Elderly people seem to protect their abusers & not speak against them.
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Do you have proof that aunt is saying these things? Or is it all verbal? Without sounding threatening, email auntie to tell her you will be visiting on a certain date at a certain time. See if you receive a response that is similar to what you say she has said. Then go to visit grandma. Others should do the same.

Often people will accuse caregiver of isolating a loved one, but will not attempt a visit. It is kinda a dysfunctional way out of what could be an unpleasant visit.
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The problem with having any agency investigate is that your grandmother is unlikely to throw your aunt under the bus, as dysfunctional as her situation may be she still loves her daughter and is totally dependent on her besides. If the rest of the family can work together to provide an alternative place for your grandmother to live and to provide the level of care she needs you may be able to convince her to jump ship, but I imagine wresting control away from your unstable aunt is likely to get ugly.
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Yes, isolating a person is abuse. I would call the police and report it. Your aunt will need to provide proof to them, maybe you can get them to go with you because you are concerned about other abuses.

Is there other family that can take grandma in? Where she will go needs to be determined before you have her removed from her home and that is probably what needs to happen if aunt is keeping everyone away, this is the 1st thing abusers do.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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See if APS will do a well check. A guardianship goes thru the courts. There may be a way to see if it was filed.
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