I am a former caregiver of my mom. She had dementia. I took care of her for eight years. She passed four years ago. I didn't put utilities in my name and there was no will and there is no way to presently clear the title. I have been without service 100 days and City is refusing to reconnect me. I was told that there should be something somewhere that we can file that would give me right to occupy the home as a Caregiver in Oklahoma. But I need to know specifically where to obtain that and where to file that. I have literally lived in the house in the freezing cold with no heat. I need to find that fast.

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I don’t understand. Have you paid the bill? Usually that’s why power is shut off.

Utility companies have programs for indigent folks. Are you indigent?

Regarding the title issue, I would pay the bill because now you will have to spend money on an attorney to do a title search and work out the legalities.

I don’t understand why you don’t put the electric bill in your name. Is there past due amounts you haven’t paid?
I don’t recall the electric company needing my mortgage ppwk when we moved to set up a new acct.

All they want is for the bill to be paid. Surely this is not unreasonable a request.
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Why was it disconnected? Did you not pay the bill?

Tenants can have utilities hooked up. They just need to agree to pay the bill.
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Contact Oklahoma Legal Aid for more information regarding getting deed to house and assistance with utilities.
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