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I went through sundowning with my mom. As s caregiver It made me crazy and turned my days and nights upside down! The way I dealt with it was keeping her on a ridgid schedule. For example, I opened curtains, turned on lights, and woke her up to eat in the morning, etc. At night I did the reverse.
I’m sure others will have some great ideas as well. Best of luck.
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97yroldmom Nov 2018
Thanks CWillie.
After reading CLWaltons post again it does sound like sundowning.
My aunt has been going to sleep early and getting up too early but it’s after 7-8 hrs of sleep. So I will keep these articles in mind and see how this progresses. I thought she was reacting to the time change but really it’s the season change. She has little use for knowing the time. Thanks again.
The same thing was happening with my Mother and it turned out she had a bowel blockage.  I had planned to have her tested for a UTI, but she got so bad I had her taken to the hospital.  They said that even though she had small BM's and loose stool, she had blockage higher in her bowel.  I never would've guessed!
Bless you for caring so for your Aunt.  She must be a special lady.
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My aunt has not been sleeping normally the last week or so either but she isn’t agitated with me. Was a little sharp with her aide this morning.
She has to take a thyroid tablet before coffee each morning. 7 out of the last 11 days when her aide arrived at 8 she had already had coffee. The whole month of October it only happened once or twice.
My husband and I are spending the weekend and he said she was up at 3:30 this morning. I spoke to her at 4:30. So I’m worried she is being affected by the time change. I’m hoping it will get better but I also realize it might be a new stage. When we arrived last night her poor old dog had been left out of her bedroom. She was asleep and I didn’t want to wake her. About 9 pm. But leaving him loose in the kitchen was not like her.
Aunt is 92. She takes meds for BP, the thyroid, depression and dementia. She says she feels great but she looks tired.
I was worried the time change would throw her off as it does many people regardless of dementia. It’s the only thing I can think of.
Maybe others will have an idea of what could be going on. I’m glad you posted your question.
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