My 89-year-old mother has mild dementia and night time urinary incontinence. Lately, when she wakes up to change between midnight and 2 a.m., she thinks it's morning and she showers to "get ready for the day." Most of the time, something wakes me up and I put her back to bed, but she's unsteady on her feet and I'm worried for her safety.

The behavior is firmly stuck in her mind and nothing I have tried to break the habit works. She won't look at the clock, won't read the sign I posted on the shower door. It used to be once a night, but last night it happened twice.

Any suggestions so that we can both get the rest we need?

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One suggestion would be to get a touch lamp next to her bed, and persuade her to sit on the edge of her bed when she wakes up, until she is fully awake. She will be less likely to fall, and with luck will have a clearer idea of the time. Then get a commode and put it on a vinyl mat, for her to use in the night. If you put it right in front of the doorway, she can’t ignore it, and may well use it. It would be a different routine for her. At present her mind is going – get up, go to bathroom, toilet, shower, morning! The new routine could be sit up, look around, commode, back to bed. Good luck!
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Shorty222 Oct 2018
Thank you, Margaret. That's my mom's name. :-)
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