The doctor had him on 5 mg of sleeping pills and he would go to sleep at 7:30 p.m. and would wake up at 2:30 a.m. and start calling everyone every 30 min. So I got a hold of the doctor and he said to put him on 10 mg over the counter. The home had 5mg and they said that they were doubling them up since Friday and it hasn't helped.

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The problem seems to be the phone calls.
Dad is getting a good amount of sleep. 7 hours. Many elders go to bed early and wake early but stay in bed because it’s still dark. They really don’t sleep but just doze a little.
Just kicking the can down the road but think I would go back to the 5 mg. Maybe even cut that in half.
Block his calls for early morning or take his phone.
Maybe ask the nurse to pick it up or turn it off when she gives him evening pills and then turn it back on at earliest acceptable hour.
That might not be possible or even cause agitation? Perhaps he could be given something for anxiety instead of sleep. Looking at the phone screen will wake him more. But he probably doesn’t look at it except to dial. Does he use a cell phone?
Sleep needs to be adjusted slowly not up and down like a light switch is my understanding.
Check out The Sleep Dr online and see if you can get ideas.
I know it’s hard to get those early calls which can frighten us from sleep.
I hope you find a solution that allows him a more natural sleep cycle and the ability to wait for your call.
One other little thought. When you see dads call come in at 2:30. Don’t answer. Call the nurses station and have them check on him. Help him break habit of calling you. Of course you’ll need the homes cooperation. Maybe they could check on him before he calls.
Come back and let us know how you solved the problem.
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