My 86 yr. old mother lived alone until 6 mo. ago when she would not eat..nothing physically wrong with her. Blood work etc was all good except for being anemic.. She was so frail and weak I moved her into my home. No food for another 3 mo. with the exception of 1 ensure and maybe a protein drink. Then all of a sudden after 3 mo. with absolutely not one bite of food she is hungry and has had 3 good meals a day for the past 2 months....then....bang, I'm not hungry. I'm full etc etc again. She was on Hospice until last Tuesday when they took her off because she was doing so well. I'm so frustrated. I 'm trying to get respite care so I can get a break at the end of this month now she won't eat. What the heck do I do now ?? errrrg

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