My husband does not like it when I go check on my parents (5 hours away). I have had to be gone quite a bit lately since my dad is in the hospital. Now I have to find a new place for them to live since the memory care where they live is not able to deal with his difficult behavior. I’m spread so thin as it is. I am the only child so there is no one else.

I go for a couple of days once a month except now while my dad is in the hospital I’ve been gone for a week and now I have to find a new place for them to live.
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If you are an only child, having parents who need your involvement but are 5 hours away is really difficult. Can you find a place to live, and a hospital, for both of them that is much closer? Could your husband do some of the legwork in that, even if it is only checking on the internet, phoning and getting pamphlets. He may see that a closer place will work better for both of you, and getting involved in something that is not face-to-face may be a good way for him to help. You only have one husband, as well as being your parents' one and only child. Most men need to feel that they come first. Tough but true!
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How often are you gone? How long has this been going on? This is a difficult situation. Your first responsibility should be to your spouse.

Yes folks need assistance, but not at the cost of your marriage. Have you thought about a geriatric care manager? That person could be the boots on the ground so you do not have to go as often.
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