My Dad does not want to do anything but watch TV and sleep. He literally walks from his room to the TV lounge 100 times a day, everything 5 minutes. I do not know how to get him to do other activities. Any suggestions?

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TeresaCherry442, my Dad when he was in his 90's and still living in his house, he was a bit bored even though the caregiver tried to engage him into doing different things.

It all changed when Dad decided to sell his house and move to senior living. He was happy as a clam being around people of his own generation, so much to talk about and so many new ears to hear his "stories" :) I realize that senior living isn't always in the budget for everyone, but it is something to think about.

Now, my Dad still continued to park himself in his recliner and watch 24 hour local news, but he kept his apartment door opened so other residents walking down the hall could look in and say "Hi, Bob", which he enjoyed. He was always first in line for dinner in the "restaurant", and the weekly music feast of music from his era. [with covid-19, I realize many of those things are on temporary break]
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There can be many reasons for this. My MIL did the same: just watched tv all day. For her it was a symptom of her short-term memory loss and probably depression, but she was never a highly intellectual person anyway or had many interests or hobbies as she matured. Just keep in mind not to become his entertainment committee because there are a lot of hours to fill for him.

- I agree with getting him outside
- spend some time with a therapy pet (like a neighbor's friendly dog or cat).
- We would play YouTube videos of goofy animal antics for my elderly aunt because she could comprehend it easily and it made her laugh hysterically, which is good for everyone.
- Go through family pictures and have him talk about them.
- Puzzles, like mentioned, are great and he can be a "sorter" if connecting is too daunting for his mind, fingers or eyesight.
- "helping" you by folding towels/laundry (doesn't have to be an actual load)

Others will post their suggestions. I wish you all the best!
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Well at least he's getting some exercise, if he's walking to the TV lounge 100 times a day. That's better than nothing I guess. Your profile doesn't mention how old your dad is or if he has any mental decline like dementia or alzheimer's, but if he does, that could explain some.

Do you offer to take him out and about? Even if you just take him for a little walk in the neighborhood, since he obviously can still walk. At least he would be getting some fresh air, and a change of scenery. Offer to make a puzzle with him, to help keep his mind alert(if it's not too far gone), or just take him for a "Sunday drive" to get him out of the house. Best wishes.
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