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Often medications will make a person feel colder. (My sister is on a blood thinner and med for HBP and she is cold, when she comes over I turn my heat up a bit but she still wears a sweatshirt or jacket)
As we age circulation is not what it was before and that can make one feel colder.
So there are real reasons a person will want the heat turned up.
Heated throw blanket is a good option (IF it is safe for him to use, they should be used with caution)
The Polar Fleece type pants and tops are great for retaining heat and as a bonus they wash and dry quickly.
A knit cap, yes even in the house, will keep him warmer. A lot of heat is lost through the top of the head.
A small electric heater near him might also help, and would be great in his room to warm just that space.
There are small hand and foot warmers that can be held or put in shoes.
And for the hands a "muff" might work.
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My stepdad was the same way.

It was miserable to visit them but, he was always curled up with flannel pjs and blankets while the house was 88 to 90°.

Seditary people are not getting proper blood flow so they are cold. I think that they aren't getting enough fat in their diets as well, that will help keep you warm internally as you digest it. Maybe try adding some healthy fats to his daily diet.

Otherwise, my heart goes out to you. I could manage 15 minutes before I needed air. It made it more difficult to be there.
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My dad is the same way. We moved him into our house in the northeast last June. He had been living in Florida. We had the AC running in the house because my husband and I like it around 68 in the house year round. We put a separate thermostat in my dad's room so he can keep it the way he wants. Mostly above 80, even in the summer months! It made it difficult for me to be in there to take care of him. He is on blood thinners too. I talked with his doctors about the high heat, and if it hinders his CHF. Short answer was, not really. So if you think that there may be a medical issue with keeping the heat high, talk to his doctors. It may be the medications he is on. My thought is as long as my dad is comfortable, he can have whatever temp he wants in his room.
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