After many falls Dad went to rehab and is back home with aids. He's angry, depressed, resisting help. Are there meds for this?


Dad (94) doesnt think he needs help and takes chances with everyhing he does..Medicaid has provided aids 8 hours a day. 4 hours in am 4 hours at nite. He was foung riding the lawn mower last week. Keys were taken. He has neuropathy in legs, legally blind,memory loss etc.Takes showers when no one is there.He does it before aid arrives in the am on the assigned shower days. Claims he wont do it again. I cant trust him.
He spent 5 weeks in rehab home and they got him to where he could go back home with the understanding he obeys the rules.Its like hes delibertly fighting us.I have been told where antidepressants have worked in some of these cases.I need him to settle down and enjoy all thats provided for him.
Could meds help be a anwser?

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He's not deliberately disobeying. He just doesn't remember. It's really tough for you.....
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I don't think medications are the answer. Antidepressants are for people who have depression. If your dad is up and doing things, mowing the lawn, and trying to live his life it doesn't sound like he's depressed.

Medication that would get him to slow down is not medication he should be on if he lives by himself. Any kind of antianxiety drug could very well make him dopey and sleepy. If he's still trying to live his life as he always has you definitely don't want him sedated especially since he's also legally blind.

Now you know that he cannot make good decisions where his own health is concerned. You also know that his behavior is dangerous. If he can afford it I would put someone in the house around the clock or start looking for a nursing home. He is a high fall risk and at his advanced age I don't think a surgeon would operate were your dad to break a bone like a hip which means that your dad would live out his days in a bed. I think he needs more than 8 hours a day care. You have some tough decisions ahead of you. Do you have support like a sibling? Someone who can help shoulder this with you?
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He needs 24/7 care....
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Sounds like he needs to be in living assisted or Adult Foster Care home instead of living on his own. He's just doing what he's always done, when he wanted to take a shower in the past, he just did it. If he has 'memory loss' then he most likely doesn't remember that anyone told him NOT to do these things. If he's always mowed the lawn with a riding lawn mower in the past, then that's what he's going to do now because it was standard procedure. That's why he needs to NOT be at home, so that he can't do what he's always done since everything will be different. Just a thought.
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