My Father treats me like dog doo! He consistently talks down to me. What do I say back? He is 92 my sister who live out of town are perfect

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I can't agree with JessieBell more. It's strange that the person who is there for them, the person who is the closest gets the b.s. ......Does he have dementia or is he pretty much okay mentally? If he is ok, just let him know you'll send your other siblings over to care for him. See how that goes... I'm sure he'll soften his tone. Good luck. So sorry you're going through that. You do not deserve that.
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Sarah, the one who is closest is often treated the worst. It is easy to idealize the ones who live out of town, since they are rarely seen. Caregivers get to see the worst side. One saving grace is to realize that what they seem to think of us really doesn't matter. We know we're good people, and we know how much we do. Being bad to us is just total nonsense most of the time and it helps to see it as that.

Still it would be so nice to hear kind things and maybe a thank you when we spend so much of our lives doing things for them. You are not alone in feeling bad about it. It makes me angry when my mother does it to me. I really dislike hearing that I don't do anything and scoffing at me. It is the ultimate in disrespect. It comes with the territory of caring for a difficult person.
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