How to cope with my Dad's mood swings and very angry outbursts?


My dad is 70 yrs old is a recovering alcoholic and just gave up smoking in the last couple months. He has always been a very independent man who does things his way. In the last couple of months he has been in and out of the hospital for his diabetes and anemia. The doctors also said he wasn't taking care of himself well enough to he has mood in with family. Dad is insistent that he will be back on his own by March 1st but we know he can never live alone again. Dad has times where he is very verbally abusive to his daughters and granddaughters. The daughter he is living with takes the brunt of this and I wish I could help her because I was his caregiver up until he had to move in with someone. I know how angry and down right mean he can get. How do we make dad understand he can never live alone again without making him so angry with the daughter he is living with? We sometimes wonder if the anger is coming from his addiction withdraws or if he could be getting some dementia. Any info and support we can get would be great.

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I agree - that the first person to talk to is his doctor and see if he need anti depressants or some other medicine and ask them to refer you to a geriatric social worker or counselor to act as mediator and even help find him a place to live if the behavior continues. The 'Caregiver Bill of Rights' says that you have the right to be treated with some respect.
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Dealing with a similar situation here ..finally he became physically abusive (a he could have killed me type incident ) our soulution was to warn him ..then when it happened again we are finding somewhere else for him to go matter how old a person should be heals accountable for his behavior ..he has been an abuser all his life and I choose to mot be his victim ...I hate especially that any granddaughter should be treated in such a way ! Save your family and let him go ! Speacking from experience in ga
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His MD can prescribe medications to settle his mood swings. Whoever goes to the doctor office with him should be open and honest about the verbal abuse. I would also recommend the family attend Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon is for the families, not the alcoholic, to learn how to deal with his moods.
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