My sister is 91 years old and has late dementia. She has lost 2 teeth within the last 2 months. The upper one fell out by itself. She had some pain in the lower one and the caregiver put some pain killer on the tooth and the pain went away. About 2 months later it just fell out. One dentist recommended making a bridge for the upper. Another suggested extracting her remaining (approx. 12) teeth in the top and giving her dentures. What are the ramifications for someone of her age with the trauma, i.e., needles, healing, etc. Any advice?

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My mom had to have teeth removed at that age, but she didn't have dementia then. The dentist we found had experience working with nursing homes and was able to keep her calm and do the extractions with simple local anaesthetic and she healed well. He also repaired 6 front teeth to hold a partial lower denture, but I think with late dementia I wouldn't bother with new teeth, even if you haven't had to modify her diet to soft foods yet the time it becomes a necessity would not be far away.

I forgot to add, the dentist mentioned that many of his nursing home patients had lost teeth and choked or even aspirated them, something to be avoided.
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