In 2015, my dad experienced a sudden drop of energy and since then he hasn't been any better. Any suggestions about what could be wrong?


He can wake up one day and feel fine. The next day he has no energy. He was 72 at the time. His energy level before this was high to normal. He can walk for miles and not get tired. He exercised regularly without a problem. He's not on any medication except hypertension.

My dad is now functioning at 30%. Doctors have performed all kinds of tests to no avail. We are stumped as to what could be wrong. Any suggestions?

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Do let us know if the B12 injections help. We learn from each other.
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@jeannegibbs Yes, he's had the sleep apnea test done. He's had cat scans, x-rays, blood work. Everything is normal levels. The doctor said he's running out of tests to perform.
@freqflyer The vitamin panel was fine. He's been on these blood pressure pills for at least five years. They did decrease the dosage last year. However, he will be getting Vitamin B12 injections soon.
My father was and is very upbeat. He remains positive regardless of no diagnosis. The sudden change does worry me.
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andluis45, has your Dad's primary doctor done a vitamin panel to see if there are any vitamins that are reading low? If Dad's Vitamin B12 is low, that would cause a stall in one's energy level.

As for Dad's hypertension, when I went on blood pressure pills they zoned me out big time.  I had zero energy.  Tweaking the pills my doctor found a good dosage that didn't make me so tired.
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Has he had a sleep study done? When my sleep apnea was diagnosed and I used an appliance at night my energy level was greatly improved. It was amazing.

Has he seen a therapist? Does he have any additional signs of depression? Depression is also an illness that can rob us of energy.

If most of the tests so far have been blood work, etc. maybe additional kinds of tests are needed. Seventy-two is too young to just accept functioning at 30%.

If you find out more about what is going on with Dad, share. We learn from each other!
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