Also, how can they break up our marriage and send my wife to a nursing home? Peg had a stroke 10-10-10 and I have been taking care of her for four and one half years with great results Its a long story and I need some guidance. We are both 79 and are in good health considering. Peg and I are both Illinois residence all our lives and vote. Now we need the help of the state. We can't afford big time lawyers we worked all our lives and did what was to be done and had our retirement in front of us and now I can only visit her four hours a day. Please Answer.

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John, what lies were told to you? The Guardian of the Estate has to report to the courts all financial data. If you see errors, you should report them to the Surrogate's court in writing. Will County State's Attorneys Office is
121 N. Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60432, Telephone:815.727.8453
There should also be a Guardian of the Person, which may be someone different than the Guardian of the Estate.
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John, who was appointed guardian? Your wife may need nursing home care right now. This is generally not a decision that is made lightly. For now continue to visit her and encourage her to do whatever therapies they are providing.

Are you eating well and exercising too? Remember, that even though you are not her hands on caregiver right now you are playing a crucial part in keeping her spirits up, so taking care of yourself is of paramount importance.
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We're glad you posted here. I hope a moderator of the site will remove your name and address. I'm assuming your wife was sent to a nursing home because either you, your wife's healthcare power of attorney or the state of Illinois thought it was in your wife's best interest to be placed there. For her physical well being.

I am so sorry. At least temporarily, you may have to be content seeing your wife every day for limited periods AND knowing that she's taken care of and safe. Perhaps circumstances will change in the future.
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