Is the agent of the POA responsible for any debts that are or have occurred by principle?

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Do you mean the person named in a DPOA as having the powers named therein? Is the person who executed the DPOA mentally cognizant at this point and was he or she in that state when the debts were created?

If the former, then I don't believe the individual named in the DPOA is responsible at this time. That assumes that you, if you are the named individual, wouldn't be responsible as the conditions for activating your obligations under the DPOA haven't occurred. Therefore, you have no authority to act, and presumably lack the concurrent responsibility.

However, if the individual dies, those debts would be liabilities of the estate. Whether they could be paid depends on the assets of the estate (assuming there is no trust involved).

I sense there's more going on here though. Could you elaborate and provide more information on the situation? I'm not getting the impression that I've answered your question to your satisfaction, but don't feel as if I have all the relevant facts.
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