My mother became widowed a few months back. Since new years'eve she thinks every few days is New years eve again. Is that a common occurrence to get stuck? Also she seems more lost in space and at moments seem to listen yet later might repeat what she heard. At times she is very moody as well. I am lost as to how to handle her being stuck. I care for my mom but lately she seems to be a different person from the one I knew and it can be very challenging.

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OMG! Yes, it happens. We live the movie Groundhog Day around here. We've just begun ignoring things she says after a while, because you can't convince her any different and there's no reasoning with her either.

We have a really nice clock that I bought from Amazon (Active Living Oversized Clock) that has the time as well as the date in big enough numbers and letters to see across the room. It has helped her keep up. There is another one that I like (Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock / with Non-Abbreviated Day & Month) that is also available from Amazon.

This confusion may be due to the loss of her husband and be temporary. I hope so for your sake. That had to have been traumatic for her and maybe she just can't cope with it.
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Any kind of dementia can get stuck in a loop. As far as the moodiness, this can be addressed with proper medication. Ask the MD for an Rx.
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