My father has suffered from aphasia stroke which left him disabled and speech impaired. However he is able to walk and do most of his ADLs thanks to physical therapy as well as family help and support. Lately he has been seeking out attention by any means and I'm talking about causing our family to get into verbal and physical altercations due to him lying and making up stories to each one of siblings including my self. For example tells me my brother who then was his caregiver was taking his money and his wife was just using him made him do things like walk in the rain instead of giving him rides. Then tells my brother now that I'm care giving for him I'm never there I don't cook clean take him to his appointments I'm just using him for the money. Then he gets so angry with my youngest brother his youngest son who lives at home with him because they won't listen to his lies or feel sorry for him he becomes so angry he starting to become extremely violent. He got a mini hatchet and tried hitting him in his head in front of my brothers 4 children who are all under the age 9. He tried fighting him multiple times just because he is angry that no one wants to be around him due to who he has become causing fights with him and the siblings, socking me out of anger, all he does is lie and manipulate everything to make it seem like he is a victim. Then tells whoever will give him their attention that we are trying to fight him and so on. I can't take this anymore I don't know what to do should I get psychiatric testing? Do I put him in a home for his safety as well as ours? Please someone can you help its only getting worse to the point his own children want nothing to do with him.

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The next time he becomes violent you must call 911.
They will remove him from the house.
If he is hospitalized when and if he is ready to be released tell the hospital it is not safe for him to come home. DO not pick him up.

Is your Dad a Veteran? If so the VA can help there is a hot line that you can call.

Your Dad needs to be properly diagnosed, medicated if necessary, and he needs to be in treatment. There may be underlying reasons for the violent outbursts. But until he is under control it is not safe for him to be in the house.
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He absolutely needs to be gotten out of the house and placed in a facility. If you have any guns in the house, lock them up or get them out.

Your father is a danger to himself and to everyone around him. When he becomes violent, call the police. He will be a Baker Acted and placed in a mental health facility for evaluation. Under no circumstances bring him back home when he is released. You can also call Adult Protective Services and have them come with a police escort to remove him from the house.

Please dont wait until something tragic happens. This goes beyond your father pitting his kids against each other by lying. He’s going to seriously hurt or kill one of you.
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He needs to be placed in a facility that can help him and safely deal with his
outbursts. No one should be exposed to that typed of behavior, especially

I know he's your Dad and you're all so generous to be trying so valiantly to help
him, but personality disordered individuals, or those affected by brain trauma
are really unable to function in a normal family setting.

I'm so sorry you're all having to deal with this very difficult situation. Best of
luck finding outside help and a good living situation for your Dad.
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