Yes you can. There's also software you can get. There are also blank fill in the form wills you can download. I made a will using software and had a will drawn up by a lawyer. They were so similar that I'd be shocked if he didn't use a standard template to make that will.

As another poster said, check into your local non-profits to see if there is anywhere you can go have a will drawn up for free. Generally this will be done by lawyers volunteering their time. But many will have requirements, like low income, to qualify for the free help.

Beware of what a will is and is not. Many things override a will. Beneficiaries on bank accounts take precedence over a will. A transfer on death deed takes precedence over a will. Both of which you should do regardless since it should avoid probate. So in the end, for many people a will generally covers things that fall between the cracks like personal items.

Note, I am not a lawyer. This is just what I've found trying to navigate our legal system.
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The short answer is yes you can. The better answer is when you see a lawyer for a will, the lawyer will think of many things that you haven’t, know things to include, and offer good advice. We put this off way too long and then found the lawyer wasn’t very expensive and had a wealth of know.edge we didn’t. It was well worth doing.
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I would go to a lawyer for a Will. It needs to be worded just so.

If you feel you can't afford it, call your Office of Aging and see if they have a number for Legal Aide. They usually charge on scale.
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