The important question is...Why does he not want to get up?
Does he use the bathroom the rest of the time?
I do hope that he is using an incontinence brief. If not and he only needs it at night that might be an option.
If he is doing this at about the same time each time it might be up to you to get him up and into the bathroom 15 minutes or so before. If it is not on a schedule once he is awake a bathroom break every 2 hours might be necessary. You get him into the bathroom if he has to go or not. At least getting him up every 2 hours will get him to change position, get a bit of activity in and stretch the legs.
Vascular dementia can be caused by little strokes and this might be what is going on, it is not "just" a stroke he had but vascular dementia, it is also possible to have more than 1 type of dementia and often Alzheimer's is in the mix. Has he been evaluated for dementia?
It is also possible that after the stroke he does not feel strong enough when he first wakes to get up out of bed on his own. Might take a while for the muscles to respond to what his brain wants him to do. Would he call and ask you for help getting tot he bathroom? If so a bell or buzzer so he can call for you without yelling might work.
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So sorry you are dealing with this. Poop is my line in the sand. Can NOT deal with it. But that's about me, not you, sorry.

He's only 65? Does he have many deficits from the stroke? Can he regain anymore of his functionality since the stroke?

Why doesn't he want to get up? Too weak? Too tired? Is he in depends? If not, I would get them on him ASAP.

I hope you have some help dealing with this!
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Bumping you up

You might want to read up on vascular dementia, which sometimes is a result of stroke.
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