My new client is entering year 18 of dealing with effects of stroke with complete immobility of right side and aphasia. He has become completely resigned and refusing any attempts of engagement. He does love to eat but arm to mouth and a few trips to the bathroom (unaided) is all the excercise he gets. His wife has HAD IT with his attitude and is begging me for ideas to get him away from the tv. He has very slight memory loss and is a master manipulator. I REALLY want to help keep this family together. Ideas?

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Wow! What a terrible situation for both of them. He's given up on life and his wife is ready to throw in the towel.

Will he even care if his wife walks out on him? If he does then there is some hope. They both need some counseling. I would start with that.
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Place the dish further and further away from him. Send the t.v. out for repairs.
Ask the doctor to once again sign him up for physical therapy. Get some respite care for his wife.

What is your role as he is your client?
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