My mom had a stroke a year ago been in skill care and nursing home for 6 month then we bought her home and someone has always been staying with her. She's only been by herself for a few hours in the afternoon, but she may have to be by herself for 12 hours over night, I think she will be ok but she seems to have trouble putting on a new brief and wiping after a BM.

So does any one have any pointer to help with the parent putting on the brief themselves and best way to wipe. She still has trouble with her left arm a little and left vision isn't all the way back.

I'm assuming your mother is capable of summoning help if needed and her only disability is limited use of her arm, so...
perhaps she would do better with something other than a pull up, she may do better positioning a tab style brief and fastening the tabs while seated on the toilet seat? Or, if she is somewhat continent a pad in regular underwear may be easier for her to pull up (these come in many sizes and absorbencies right up to very large overnight styles).

As for wiping... there are wands that can extend her reach but in my area they aren't usually available at most drug stores, one advertised on AgingCare is:

or google toilet assistance wands to see what else is available.
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