Can relatives ask to see a power of attorney?


My aunt went from talking to me last year and three days later my cousin called in hospice and had her put in a hospital bed. all the family have question this but my cousin has the power of attorney but my aunt's lawyer is also my cousin's lawyer. is this a conflict of interest? we can't get answers from anyone and my cousin has redecorated my aunts house and her son is telling everyone that his mother(my cousin owns everything in the house and all the car's. they want answer any of the family's call's so we can at least see how our aunt is doing. I love my aunt but I can't find out what is happening with her. I don't care about money I only care about her. what can the family do? Thanks for your help

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"My aunt went from talking to me last year and three days later my cousin called in hospice..."

Say what? What happened?

Your profile states that your aunt is living at home. Your cousin, her daughter, is looking after her there, but your aunt is now bed-bound... or what?

I assume that your aunt's home is too far away for you to visit, or presumably you'd have gone there to see if you can help. You don't say what questions, what sort of questions even, your cousin isn't answering or by what means you are putting them to her. What is it that you want to know?
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Of course you can ask to see the POA document. And your cousin can decline to show you. But what good would seeing the POA do you? And what if cousin doesn't have a POA? What if she is "only" acting as the daughter, next of kin, and primary caregiver? How would that change anything?

It is not a conflict of interest for your aunt and your cousin to have the same attorney.

If what you want is to learn about and see your aunt, what does redecorating the house have to do with anything? Why are you concerned about what Aunt did with her cars? Do you think she should have given them to you?

I just don't understand these secondary concerns. Have you annoyed your cousin by asking about these things that are none of your business? If so, apologize, get past it, and ask about Aunt's health. Ask to come visit. Ask if Aunt can talk on the phone. (Neither my husband nor my mother could use the phone near the end of their disease.)
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Well a POA is granted to handle finances. Healthcare is different, so the aunt herself would have signed for the Hospice care. She may not even be on Hospice; medicare will cover a hospital bed for anyone with the prescription for an adjustable bed. I would not put a lot of faith in anything the kids say about cars or redecorating. Kids just tell you what they think you want to hear. Just send auntie a nice poinsettia or a box of chocolates. Happy Holidays.
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Regarding Hospice, only a doctor can call in hospital for a patient. Thus, if your Aunt is on Hospice and now has a hospital bed, there is a reason. Sounds like your Aunt has been on Hospice care for a year now, correct?

Has your cousin been taking care of her Mother for a long time? Caregiving is very exhausting work. Has anyone from the family offered to give the cousin some free time by helping out with her Mother? And what difference does it make if the cousin owns the cars now? If she is taking her Mother to doctor appointments, maybe her Mother gave her the cars for helping out.

As for the money, that is between your Aunt and her daughter. But your cousin should allow you to talk to your Aunt, unless your Aunt is unable to talk due to memory issues or another medical issue. Your cousin should at least let the family know what is going on. Can you drop by and visit with your cousin?
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